26 miles 4 mnd, the book.

26 miles 4 mnd has been published as a high quality 184 page book that can be ordered below. It’s professionally edited and designed, and is illustrated with wonderful portraits by Cristian Barnett. It also has insightful, poignant and uplifting interviews with all 26 contributors.

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Those contributors range from a robotics scientist with ALS who plans to become the worlds first cyborg to a puppeteer who’s created a show with a life size puppet about a man’s journey after MND diagnosis. There is also an interview with Sally Light, the CEO of the MND Association and many personal testimonies from people living with different types of MND. Amongst all this and much more are stories from the professors, researchers and volunteers working tirelessly, and often invisibly, behind the scenes to try and defeat motor neurone disease.

Here’s a small selection of what’s inside –


The book also has useful information and resources for people wishing to find out more about motor neurone disease and links to support for those living with the condition and their families.

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Buy your own copy of the book for £15.00 plus £4.50 postage by clicking the PayPal link above.