26Miles4MND – The Run!

Put Sunday September 22 in your diaries. That’s when the 26Miles4MND marathon relay team will be running the Hull Marathon to raise publicity and funds for the MND Association.

Here are some snaps of them suffering a bit in training –


You may remember that Cristian damaged his knee just weeks away from taking part in the Tallinn Marathon last year. Determined to complete a marathon, we press ganged some friends and partners into creating a relay team to run in this years Hull marathon (a bit closer to home this time!). As well as Cristian Barnett, they are Richard Brown, Dean Collins and Cristian’s partner Jackie Swanson.

They’ll each be running slightly different lengths from 5 miles to just over 10.

Why not let their pain be the MND Association’s gain by considering a donation on our just giving page justgiving.com/26miles4mnd.

Thanks so much to everyone who has already donated.

Watch this space and the 26Miles4MND instagram feed for news of the soon to be published book.


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