Let’s finish off MND!


Click here to see a PDF of the 26Miles4MND book.

It took five years to get to this point but 26Miles4MND completed the Hull marathon on Sunday 22nd September with a three person team taking part in the four person relay!

Dean Collins, Cristian Barnett and Richard Brown (back left to right), came in 69th out of 143 relay teams. Cristian ran the two middle legs – just under half of the marathon!


That’s me in the front of the picture at the finish line – The four of us met nearly 30 years ago at Art college. It was quite an emotional day for me as I would have loved to join them as the 4th runner. Developing motor neurone disease put a stop to anything like that for me.

But I’m lucky! I have the rarest and slowest developing type of MND (PLS). Ninety percent of people die within five years of an MND diagnosis. There is no effective treatment and no cure. That is why I’m making the most of my extra time raising awareness of this truly crap disease and money for the MND Association to help find a treatment and cure.


It’s hard to believe that’s me with Cristian, Richard and Dean in the pictures above from 2011. But if I hadn’t won the MND lottery with primary lateral sclerosis rather than the more aggressive ALS type I’d probably be dead by now.

Thanks so much everyone who has donated so far. We are very near the £3,000 mark. If you want to help us get there, you can donate here 26Miles4MND donations

And don’t forget, you can see the PDF of the upcoming book here 26Miles4MND The Book



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