Portrait no.7

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7 of 26. Molly Freeman Molly Freeman helped create a puppet show called CELL billed as “one puppet’s final journey”. Nominated for a Peter Brook award, it’s about a man diagnosed with MND and his journey to experience life more fully after the diagnosis. Both her and the co-artistic director Will Aubrey Jones had grandfather’s who died from MND. “It wasn’t actually until we started making CELL that I found out my grandad had died from motor neurone disease. I’d come back from a rehearsal and I was talking to my mum on the phone and said ‘Oh we’re looking into motor neurone disease and exploring that with the puppet’. My mum said ‘oh you do know that’s what grandad had?’ Grandad died about fifteen years ago. MND awareness was low and he wasn’t diagnosed until after he died and had a biopsy. So at the point where he became really unwell it was very confusing for everyone…. There was one chap who came to see the show three or four times and he’d recently lost his wife to motor neurone disease and he said it was a source of comfort to him. He found comfort in being in an audience that was full of people who were laughing and enjoying a show about the subject!”

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