Portrait no.12

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12 of 26. Catherine Bingham, Specialist nurse in complex neurology and rehabilitation. Catherine visits Miles at home every four to five months and is actually the only medical professional Miles sees on a regular basis. He says her support is priceless as she’s been with him from the very beginning. Catherine was also nurse to Dan Pallet’s father who died from the ALS variant of MND. Dan is a BBC sports journalist, was a work colleague of Miles and the second of our 26miles4mnd portraits. Catherine – “I’ve been doing this current job for twelve years and I had my first MND patient after about eight months. I went to a meeting where I was given my first referral and from there I’ve just become more and more involved in it. I have some patients that are in the real palliative stage and their journey with MND has been quite quick and they are totally reliant on care. They have a tube and are ventilated and things like that. Others are still fairly independent. When I first came across MND, the person I was looking after was in a palliative stage and it was hard, it was really tough. I didn’t know what sources to access locally. But I feel that over the years we’ve built up a really good network here to make sure that everybody’s supported properly. Emotionally it is difficult but I like to see now that, certainly with the quicker cases, there’s a start, middle and an end. I feel very blessed and I feel very honoured to be part of that journey with them. For me, from a personal point of view, I find that humbling really – that I’m allowed to take that journey with them.” ___________________________________________ Help find an effective treatment for MND by donating here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/26miles4mnd #MND #ALS #running #marathon #Tallinn #motorneuronedisease

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