Portrait no.14

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14 of 26 Matthew Hollis – Communication Aids Co-ordinator at the MND Association. Interviewed August 2015. Matthew wakes up each morning knowing he has a 50/50 chance of developing motor neurone disease. His family DNA carries a faulty genetic code that can cause the inherited form of the disease. “MND runs in my family – I lost my mum to it in 2011, my gran in 2002, my great gran in 1954. I haven’t traced it back any further than that yet so we don’t quite know when it started, but it seems to be running down the female side of my family. So the disease is obviously close to my heart. My job role is to help get communication aids to people with MND. The NHS has a requirement to provide them, but it doesn't happen in a timely manner. There are delays of 18 months in some areas. So we help health professionals deal with those problems and loan equipment to bridge the gap. It angers me to an extent but to be fair, the NHS is now moving in the right direction in terms of communication aids. Ultimately there’s a 50/50 chance that I could get MND myself, but to be honest I don’t really think about it. I looked after my mum for about three years and that puts a totally different perspective on life. If it happens it happens and I’ll be ready for it. Otherwise I try and enjoy myself, have nice holidays and just get out there with life.” ___________________________________________ To help support the work of the Motor Neurone Disease Association, you can donate here: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/26miles4mnd #MND #ALS #running #marathon #Tallinn #motorneuronedisease #Tallinnmarathon

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To support the work of the MND Association, donate here – www.justgiving.com/fundraising/26miles4mnd

or text ‘mmnd99 £5.00‘ (or whatever you can afford) to 70070 

Thank you.

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