beyond no.26

This project started as a quirky idea between a couple of friends. One of them, whose name is Miles, had recently been diagnosed with a type of MND.

We decided to find 26 people who’s lives had been touched by motor neurone disease. We’d interview and photograph them, then publish the pictures and edited interviews on Instagram one at a time over 26 days leading up to Cristian running the Tallinn marathon – yes a 26(.219) mile run. To truly live up to the name “26 Miles”, Miles appeared in each of the 26 photos too!

Here we are just after the idea was hatched back in 2015 –



We wanted to raise awareness about motor neurone disease and some money for the MND Association.

Now we are making 26 Miles 4 MND into a book that will be published next year during the 40th anniversary of the MND Association. It will include the original 26 photos plus several more people who are luminaries in the world of MND. In fact we’re just back from Torquay where we photographed a game-changing MND trailblazer. More about that on here soon.




3 thoughts on “beyond no.26

  1. Not sure if this is the best way to get in contact, but just to say that if you need any help with the book project I’d be happy to discuss. You may have it all sorted, but I worked for 40 years as a book production manager handling high-end 4-colour projects, and have very good relationships with printers in UK, Europe and the Far East. I met Christian while he was training for the Tallin marathon – gave him a lift back to his van one day. I hope that knee lasted the course!


    • Hi Geoff. So sorry, I have only today seen your kind offer of help. I don’t know why it hadn’t been flagged up by wprdpress. Cristian would be very happy if you contacted him on as we actually will soon be arranging the printing.
      Many thanks for your message (and for helping Cristian out that time!). Miles


    • Hi Geoff. Cristian told me today that the email I’ve given you does not work anymore. Very sorry about that. If you could contact him instead on he’d be very happy to hear from you. Many thanks and sorry for such a late response to your kind message. Miles.


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