Groin strain after a little training session – The Great North Run

Cristian has been preparing steadily for his 26 mile MND Association fundraising marathon and at the weekend completed the Great North Run in a time of just over 2 hours. He was disappointed with his time as a few years ago ran the 13 miles in under 2 hours, but hey, we all slow down as we get older 😉

Cris Grt Nrth Run

Here he is showing off his medal. I did ask if he fancied doing another 13 miles, but he wasn’t impressed.

Afterwards the crowds were so great that he had to stand around for a long time getting cold which caused a minor groin injury to flare up.

We were worried that it would throw the marathon training schedule out of kilter, but a trip to the physiotherapist has sorted him out and his groin is now apparently working just as it should!

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