Portrait no.16

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16 of 26. In February 2000 Sarah Ezekiel noticed some weakness in her left arm. Two months later she was given a diagnosis of ALS. Now she can only move her eyes and uses Tobii EyeGaze technology to communicate via her computer. The technology tracks her eye movements and reflects an infrared beam that acts as a cursor onto an adapted PC screen. She also uses it to create EyeGaze artwork that has been exhibited around the world. “I was thirty-four and pregnant with my second child and mentioned my symptoms at an antenatal appointment. When they referred me to a neurologist I was surprised. I thought that my symptoms were related to my pregnancy somehow. I didn’t know what motor neurone disease was. They told me to bring someone with me for my diagnosis. My husband came but he got fed up of waiting and left. So I was alone being told this most terrible news. But I’m glad now because I was able to take in the information undisturbed. I just remember thinking ‘how will I look after my children?’ My marriage collapsed as I became progressively disabled. I couldn't physically care for my children or myself anymore, and I spiralled into deep depression. But I pulled myself up from rock bottom and now see MND as a window of opportunity. I don’t think I would have done much with my life if I didn’t get ill. It hasn’t been easy and I still get low and have difficult times. But I’ve survived a long time and achieved more than I could have expected. I’m enjoying being an artist. I don’t think I would change anything if I could”. . To help support the work of the Motor Neurone Disease Association, please donate here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/26miles4mnd #MND #ALS #running #marathon #Tallinn #motorneuronedisease #Tallinnmarathon

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